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Seed Pre Cleaner

Used for efficient cleaning of all types of cereal grains, paddy, rice, malting barley, coffee seeds and pre-cleaning of all types of seeds such as wheat, paddy, maize, millets, sunflower, soybean, oil seeds and also for rice & pulse milling plants

Seed Grader

This machine is used for fine cleaning/grading of all the crops, like wheat, soybean, paddy, mustard etc. into two or more grades as per requirement. Also removes the dust, oversized stones, sand particles, sticks and other foreign particles.

Seed Grader Indented Cylinder

This machine is used for giving length wise separation or can be said as length grader. This is generally used after the fine grading of seed (width wise) from a seed grader. This machine removes cut grains & granular impurities from the seed.

Seed Specific Gravity Separator

This machine is used for weight wise separation of the seed, It removes the impurities on the basis of specific weight. Immature, dunkey (hollow seed inside) also to be removed by this machine.

These machines are used for Cleaning & Grading of various crops, both for seed producers as well as the Commercial users. Here we are mentioning the working of each Machine.

5. Destoner : This machine is used for removal of stoner of same sizes as that of seeds, but differ in weight. Always used after the final goods of gravity separator.

6. Seed Treator : This machine is used for treatment of the seeds with fungicide and insecticides.

7. V.B.Elevators: These equipment is used to convey the seeds from the discharge of one machine to another machine with the help of belt & buckets.

8. Automatic Weighing & Bagging : This is used for the automatic calibration, weighing & bagging with help of auto bag clamping device and PLC system.

9. Air Compressor: Use to operate the bag clamping device and also used for the cleaning of the machines.

10. Electric control panel: This is used as an centralized operating panel for all the machines in plant. The machines may be controlled from a single point, also the safety feature like emergency stop etc.

In some cases the Seed Dryer is required before delivering the material to seed processing plant. This is generally in case of Paddy, this crop contains high moisture during harvesting and need to be drop in moisture & that can be attain by this product. This dryer drops the moisture content in paddy. Prior to this process, the paddy shall be cleaned with the help of a cleaner, to remove the chaff & dust, to avoid the chocking of pores in the dryer.